Elrond Warriorz


5 tribes


Elrond Warriorz is the highest-quality 3D art collection ever launched on the MultiversX Blockchain. 

Our mission is to unite a community of Elrond enthusiasts who believe in a sustainable digital world built on the MultiversX blockchain – with you as a warrior as the crucial centerpiece.

The Artwork

The artwork behind Elrond Warriorz was jointly conceptualized by 3D artists, warrior game enthusiasts and Elrond geeks and subsequently carried out in Autodesk Maya by a team of experienced 3D artists.

The development and combination of 126 individual traits jointly with the community ensures that each NFT is a genuinely unique piece of art. Rarity factors differ by tribe and determine each piece’s long-term value.

The multi-stage process kicked off with the early concept phase, where the general style of the warriorz, the poses and camera angles were determined. In the production phase, a 3D model served to develop 126 unique traits incl. shaders and textures. In the rendering phase, the light setup, shades, borders and layering were optimized. After that, a randomizer script allowed for the creation of 9.930 unique Elrond Warriorz. Finally, the manual creation of ten monocolor warlords for each of the five warrior tribes and the design of 19 ultra rare one-on-one tribe-independent warriorz complements the collection beautifully, allowing for 9.999 Elrond Warriorz in total.


The Elrond Warriorz Launchpad vets, breeds and incubates high-quality NFT projects for the MultiversX blockchain. The advantages for pioneering projects are clear – getting a headstart with a strong community as well as access to technological, bus dev and marketing warrior capacities.
Conversely, the Elrond Warrior community receives important benefits from the new projects, e.g. NFTs or whitelist spots.

Power War

By participating with your Elrond Warrior NFTs,  you can use our play-to-earn rarity algorithm:

  • Power Play: Each warrior has unique traits with different rarity scores. By fighting with them, you may win rewards.
  • Power Team: Later, the Elrond Warriorz allow for collective tribe formation – by aligning your top five warriors, your warriors will receive a so-called power score, which is the combined result of each individual rarity score. The higher your rarity/power score, the higher your potential rewards. 
  • Hint: Should your team stick to one tribe or be composed of several tribes? It might be a good idea to look out for warlords…


From time to time a warrior falls in battle. On the Elrond Warriorz Graveyard one can find stories of the fallen warriors. These warriors will no longer be available, creating a deflationary effect.

warriors left in collection

warriors at graveyard



The first item on the roadmap is the EW Launchpad. The EW Launchpad is a controlled gateway for high-quality NFT projects on the MultiversX blockchain, providing access to the Elrond Warriorz community, while ensuring collaborations and privileges for the Elrond Warrior holders.

3% of royalties will be designated to battle bounties.

Yes, however full warrior teams (of 5) will have a power upgrade.

Boosting Rules

Last but not least, the Warriorz team is working day and night to carry out the roadmap and ensuring community growth. However, there are important technological uncertainties in the nascent blockchain space. Several things in the roadmap might still have to be modified e.g. based on new data and information coming in. For these reasons, this FAQ section is to be considered only for information purposes and shall strictly not be considered a binding statement.

MultiversX WarriorZ